Writing Assignment: Persuasive and Influential Writing

The idea behind this writing assignment is to learn how to write to convince the reader in your idea and take an action.

You’ll find this kind of writing in newspapers, advertisements, brochures, reviews, and editorials… basically, everywhere! So it’s a really useful skill to master. And no one is better qualified to do persuasive writing than kids!

Typically the way you go about this is to present strong facts and statements from experts with concrete examples so sway the reader to your side and want to do as you suggest. You can use humor and emotion to really drive your point home.

Think about a really good ad – one that made you suddenly want that hamburger when just a moment ago, you were perfectly content. That’s persuasive writing!

The best part is that kids are naturally gifted in this area, so it’s going to be easy to do. If you feel stuck, try speaking it out loud before writing it – not everyone can go straight from an idea in the mind to the pencil.

There’s a format to this that is easy to follow. Let’s do one about restaurants.

  1. What are different kinds of restaurants that you have been to before?
  2. Choose which restaurant you think is best. You need a specific restaurant at this point, like “Sharky’s Fish Tacos”
  3. What are three reasons that you feel this is your favorite? (They have great service, they give you free chips and salsa, they’re right down the street, they have the best music…)
  4. Give one concrete, solid example that support your above reasons for each reason (you should have three examples total)
  5. Restate your opinion and wrap it all up in a conclusion with an action.

Let’s break that down a bit:

Step 1: First Paragraph

In writing, express how you feel about this restaurant. This in your introductory paragraph that should grab your reader’s attending and lead them in. You’ll also want to add in the three reasons you picked this place.

Sharky’s Fish Tacos is the best restaurant. The music is fun, they have great food, and it’s a good place to spend time with my family.

Now grab a sheet of paper and write yours. Just write down your ideas for your own favorite restaurant.

Step 2: Second Paragraph

Now write out your reasons why you like it so much, and connect the three reasons with a transition “”First of all…” or “Secondly..” and “Finally…”).

First of all, the music is upbeat and the people are always dancing as they cook the food, so it makes the whole place feel happy. Secondly, the fish tacos tastes so good, and they bring me as much free chips and salsa as I can eat. Finally, it’s a nice place to bring everyone so we can all share different food together, and their tables are big enough for everyone to feel comfortable.

This is the heart of your letter. The more reasons and concrete you make it, the more real it will be for the reader. Take your time and make a list of reasons before you write the paragraph out.

Step 3: Third Paragraph

This is your conclusion. All you need to do is restate your onion and a brief version of the three reasons PLUS an action or suggestion.

Sharky’s Fish Tacos is the best. They have amazing music, great good, and it’s a nice place for families. I wish I was at Sharky’s right now!

There you have it! Simple, easy, and when you’re done, you can choose to stick it in an envelope, address it to the restaurant, and send it to them. You might be surprised what happens! (It’s best if you hand-write this and include your name and age at the bottom.)

Bonus Tip: What do you think would happen if you wrote one of these every week and sent it off to your favorite businesses?