The Adventure of Reading

If you love to read, jump down to the appropriate book list / video section below. If you’re on the fence, and really don’t enjoy it, then start here.

Reading is something that you’ll be doing forever… as long as people keep writing, people will be reading! And I’m not talking about comic books or graphic novels, either. Nothing can take the place of the adventure that goes on in your mind when you sink into a book you truly enjoy and become part of… no picture you can photoshop, no fast-action movie you can watch can even compare with what your mind comes up with when you really get into a book and READ. So let’s do it… one step at a time.

Even if you’re a math geek or mad scientist, your work is pretty worthless if you can’t communicate it with others or understand what one another is doing or experimenting with. Reading is one of those things that you even into adulthood, you need to get comfortable with, so let’s get started.

Let’s set up a cozy “Book Nook” area for you and your kids to enjoy reading together. All you need is a couple of soft pillows, fuzzy blankets, and a basket of favorite books! I’ve also added a couple of colorful geographical maps on my wall so when I read about foreign lands, I can look up and find them on my maps to get a better idea where I am in the world.

Now for the fun part… what to read? Well, it really depends on you. But if you need a little help in this area, I’ve put together a couple of videos (below) that will outline the different kinds and titles of books that my own kids have enjoyed over the years. Let’s get started!