How a Record Player Works

Before CDs, there were these big black discs called records. Spinning between 33 and 45 times per minute on a turntable, people used to listened to music just like this for nearly a century. Edison, who had trouble hearing, used to bite down hard on the side of his wooden record player (called a phonograph) and “hear” the music as it vibrated his jaw.

Many people today still think that records still sound better than CDs (I think they do), especially if the record is well cared for and their players are tuned just right. Here’s a video on how a record works:

Here’s what you need:

  • an old turntable (do you have one in your garage?)
  • old record that can be scratched
  • tack
  • plastic container, like a clean yogurt or butter tub

If you have an old turntable and OLD record that can be scratched, here’s how to listen to the music without using regular speakers!