Daily Exercise Rituals for Kids

Kids are naturally excited about running around, chasing each other, and trying out that new bike. Especially when they are younger!

The goal is to set up a lifetime habit of health and vitality, where you have more energy than most adults do for all the incredible things you want to do with your life… and part of that equation is daily exercise.

TODAY…. Your challenge is to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, and it doesn’t have to be fancy. All you need is a timer, a sheet of paper, and a sense of fun. Are you ready?

Schedule your exercise time for the same time every day, at least during the week, at a time when you’re most likely to do it.

For me I roll out of my bed into my running shoes and go for a hike up the mountain for my morning exercise. Then when I get home, I challenge myself to do one more pull-up, one more sit-up, and one more push-up than I did the day before (this is where the sheet of paper comes in). If I do that, then I get to “zag” on Sundays, which means that to do something that I was really looking forward to, like going out for an ice cream or taking a special art class.

There are lots of things you can choose from. What are three things that you would really enjoy? Swimming, hikinng, riding your bike, jump roping, soccer, just running around a playground… what would it be for you? Write these down on your paper and let’s get started!

On your sheet of paper in the margins, draw pictures of the “zag” goals you want to enjoy. Don’t make all of these rewards food, think bigger! (Usually the first bite is the best, and the rest isn’t nearly as great, and it never lasts very long anyways. AND you’ll just have to work off the junk food again, so why not choose something that lasts longer and helps you stay fit and healthy?)

Some of my goals are: having a reading party where we all get together on pillow and start reading a new book, taking a class with a friend, getting together with a special friend, cooking a new recipe, playing laser tag after dark in a park, staying up late and watching movies all night, playing a board game for family time, take a train ride from one city to another, getting lost on purpose and try to find my way back using only a map and my kids as guides, going to a new park… you get the idea. What are some “non-food” treats that would really be fun for you? Put those down now!

I hope this is helpful – learning how to take good care of your body is essential, because without your health, you won’t have the energy or ability to do all of the other things you want to do!